Angiogenesis Assays

Angiogenesis Testing Model: The AngioGraft™ Assay
The Angiograft Assay

AndroBioSys, Inc. (ABS) has developed a unique pre-clinical model for analysis of anti- and pro-angiogenic activity of candidate agents in human endothelial cells within an intact human tissue microenvironment, termed the AngioGraft™ Assay.

The model system utilizes human tissue and is vascularized with micro-vessels that are of human origin. The human vasculature undergoes a wave of angiogenesis shortly after implantation (Days 6-14), resulting in a 5-10 fold increase in micro-vessel density (MVD) of small caliber vessels. Androgen deprivation results in rapid apoptotic death of the human prostate endothelial cells, followed by complete recovery of MVD by Day 14 after androgen withdrawal. Based upon the detailed characterization of the model, the two tiered AngioGraft™ Assay was developed.

The first tier of the AngioGraft™ Assay evaluates apparently true angiogenesis by human vessels occurring in an intact human tissue microenvironment during the initial two weeks following subcutaneous implantation. The second tier evaluates the recovery of a selectively damaged stable vascular network, potentially modeling the dynamics of the remodeling vasculature of a tumor or damaged tissue.

Using this unique model, AndroBioSys provides testing services for clients to study the efficacy of lead agents that promote or inhibit angiogenesis.